- Aug 26, 2018
The innovations that are included in this grouping of August 2017 robot trends range from smart home systems, to useful devices that can monitor the levels of growth across a farm's fields.

In addition, there's also examples of high-tech toys that can be controlled with Bluetooth, such as the 'Roby d'Bear' robot that works with a connected app. Intended for children, the robot supplies its user with hours of entertainment by mimicking their movements and singing along to songs. In addition, Roby d'Bear features a built-in alarm system and can even place calls, making it a multi-functional tool that's great to have around the home.

Also included in these August 2017 robot trends in the updated Kuri robot, which was celebrated at CES 2017 for its friendly demeanor, sleek aesthetic, and useful home functions. Although the robot has always been able to respond to its human owners, the updated version can see when pets are in view as well so that it can interact with them.

From Facial Recognition Ticket Systems to Terrain-Mapping Drones: