Bahista Cafe Rewards Customers With the Help of Tech

 - Jul 18, 2017
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The Bahista Cafe, based in Sydney, Australia, has found an innovative new way to reward customers who frequent the shop on a consistent basis.

The cafe has implemented the Noahface tool, which "uses biometrics to recognize the customer's face within half a second of their facial features being scanned by the camera, which is attached to an iPad." The system is able to track whenever customers come in repeatedly, and prompts cafe workers when it is time for the business to give them a free coffee or deal. It also improves service, as employees are better able to learn and remember the names and faces of their regular customers.

For privacy purposes, customers can choose if they want their identities entered into the Noahface database – but the owner of Bahista Cafe, Geoff Cropley, says that so far no one has declined.