The 'Hierex' Prosthetic Leg Concept Enables Amputees to Hike

 - Jul 12, 2017
References: tuvie
It's very difficult for an amputee to go on a hike with existing prostheses given that they are usually intended for little more than walking, so the 'Hierex' prosthetic leg concept changes this with a design intended specifically for hiking. Designed by Kesu Wang, the 'Hierex' prosthetic features a specially designed shock absorption system that is far better than traditional hiking boots to ensure stability when walking on uneven terrain. The prosthetic also features a water cooling system that works to help the person reduce the occurrence of swelling and inflammation that can be caused from too much rigorous walking when out on the trail.

The 'Hierex' prosthetic leg concept completely changes what's possible for amputees to ensure they can continue to hike or take up the activity to maintain good overall health both in body and mind.