From Robotic Fish-Inspired Cameras to AI Detective Systems

 - Jun 24, 2017
Technology is constantly evolving, and these June 2017 robot trends demonstrate just a few innovations that make life easier for a diverse range of consumers and professionals.

To increase the ability of amputees to have a more flexible and natural range of motion, engineers at Newcastle University created a prosthetic limb that's being described as "the first intuitive hand." Unlike most other prosthetics, the hand comes equipped with a small camera that allows it to react more quickly and behave in a fluid motion.

Also featured in these June 2017 robot trends is the CatNani, a useful device that prevents curious cats from jumping up on unattended counter tops and other surfaces that they shouldn't be on. Rather simple in design, the CatNani emits an ultrasonic sound when it senses furry feet, and gives a small spray of water to prompt them to move.