The Otsaw Robotics OR-3 Pairs an Autonomous Car with a Drone

 - May 26, 2017
References: otsaw & mashable
Nowadays ensuring intruders stay off private property requires a human security guard or two, but the Otsaw Robotics OR-3 aims to change all that. The new security system pairs a small self-driving car with a drone. Both are monitored by a human and can be manually overridden if needed. However, the OR-3 seems to operate just fine on its own. It can detect and avoid obstacles, identify faces, and launch a pursuit drone should an intruder attempt to flee.

The company wants to lease the OR-3 to companies in need of security, with pricing starting at $10,000 a month. A human will still be needed to man the control center, though, so whichever business opts to use the Otsaw Robotics OR-3 should plan on adding another person to the payroll.