From Burglary Awareness Apps to Neighbor-Connecting Apps

 - Sep 27, 2016
These days, most consumers have a smartphone with them at all times, making home security apps an ideal way to keep an eye on things at home. Not only do these apps let consumers know when an intruder has entered their home, but these platforms also put neighbors in touch with one another to prevent further incidents.

Some of the most basic home security apps on the market are designed to alert consumers to the fact that an unauthorized visitor has entered their home. This can involve either the use of connected home cameras that can be viewed remotely or sensors that can detect when doors and windows have been opened.

Beyond basic monitoring, many home security apps are also designed to facilitate communication with those in the area. For instance, the Nextdoor app helps residents in small communities get in touch with their neighbors directly if an incident occurs. Similarly, Trygve is a crowdsourced security app that allows residents to notify others if suspicious activity is detected in the neighborhood.