'Ring' is a Device That Connects to Smartphones to Alert Users of Any Visitors

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: ring & blessthisstuff
'Ring' is a video doorbell app that functions as a home security system while users are away. The doorbell device is connected to a smart phone, allowing the user to communicate with anybody that comes to the door -- or not. Utilized while away from home or as a lazy screening process for the socially awkward, Ring lets homeowners know about whoever comes a-knocking.

The video doorbell features wide-angled high-definition video as well as smart motion detection. Battery-powered and Wi-Fi equipped, Ring keeps users more mindful of security, safety and convenience.

Whether it stops kids from playing Nicky Nicky Nine Doors or lets you know when an important package has arrived, Ring keeps you in the loop, keeping track of any and all visitors, wanted or not.