From Digital Door Locks to Wireless Payment Rings

 - Oct 18, 2015
These October 2015 gadgets range from digital door locks and security systems to wireless payment rings that replace a traditional wallet with a wearable device. In addition to changing the way we purchase everyday goods, this month's gadgets are also designed to make one's daily routine more seamless and efficient.

When it comes to the home, products like eco wood burning stoves and smart meat thermometers transform anyone into a seasoned chef while portable irrigation machines ensure that homeowners are maintaining a low ecological footprint and reducing water waste.

Moreover, wireless charging shelves and side tables fuse convenience with sleek design details while laser-powered raisers make one's morning routine more efficient while ensuring a close shave. In addition to examples that makes daily tasks more seamless, these October 2015 gadgets also include athlete-focused products that heighten performance and safety.