This Device Allows Customers to Experience New Lenses Before They Buy

 - Sep 21, 2015
References: hoya & prnewswire
'HOYA' just released a new device that gives customers the opportunity to test out new lenses before they buy them. When buying new glasses, it can be difficult for customers to imagine how a particular lens may alter their vision. HOYA's clever new device gives customers the opportunity to choose the exact lens and treatment that best suits their needs by testing them out right in the store.

The new HOYA 'Vision Simulator' provides a 3D vision experience by mimicking the effects of various different lens designs and treatments. The system works through the use of a smartphone application that is inserted into the headset. When a customer looks through the headset, they are presented with a virtual environment that is tailored to their exact prescription and wearing parameters. The headset is designed to enhance the shopping experience by giving consumers a chance to test out their new lenses before making a final decision.

The headset demonstrates how virtual reality technology can be used to personalize the shopping experience.