The Tempescope Lets You Recreate the Weather of Paradise

 - Oct 2, 2015
References: tempescope & gizmag
The Tempescope is a Japanese-made device that is capable of pulling in a weather forecast from your phone and recreating sunshine, rain, lightning or fog inside a clear plastic box. Inventor Ken Kawamoto came up with the device after coming back from holiday and realizing he missed the weather at his vacation destination.

Interestingly enough, despite being a pretty impressive high-tech contraption, the Tempescope is looking to retain some of that DIY feel. For this reason, the device will not be shipped fully assembled. Users will be required to read a manual, connect a few wires together and screw together a few components before they can get the device working. As an added bonus, this cuts manufacturing costs in half and makes the Tempescope more affordable.

Moreover, the Tempescope will also come with a full software development kit, allowing makers and tinkerers to come up with their own unique apps for the sake of customization.