From Cyclopean Watch Chargers to Secure Smartwatch Docks

 - Dec 2, 2015
If you know a few Apple Watch owners looking to accessorize or maximize their wearable experience, gift them one of these products built for the popular smartwatch.

Apple Watch owners can charge their device in style with Native Union's Marble Apple Watch Dock or the super sleek Magnetic Charging Dock. These gift ideas go on to include innovative brands such as Tom Ford's silver chain, which turns the watch into a chic pocket watch. The Horn Charm Pendant piece transforms the Apple product into a retro necklace. You can also gift Apple Watch owners a dual-action accessory such as the CharSpace, which acts as a wristband and a charger for multiple devices.

These gift ideas also include wooden merchandise for the rustic Apple Watch owners. While the ENVEO Dock is crafted out of chestnut, the OVA is made from dark maple wood.