This Pilot Helmet Sees Through Planes to Improve Situational Awareness

 - Sep 16, 2015
References: rockwellcollins & wired
The incredibly expensive F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter jet has had a long process to fruition, but the Gen III pilot helmet that goes along with it is well worth the wait. This technologically advanced helmet designed by Rockwell Collins enables pilots to see through the plane itself to visualize what's happening beside, below and behind the aircraft. Using built-in cameras surrounding the plane, the helmet's visor connects to the corresponding camera's feed as the pilot turns their head left, right or down.

This helmet also miraculously enables pilots to point missiles with their eyes, while the plane's statistics like altitude, speed and weapon status are always projected in their direct line of vision. Finally, this pilot helmet has built-in night vision, keeping both the pilot and the $100 million plane safer.

Moving from military to commercial uses, this helmet display design could have implications for firefighters, construction workers or even drivers on the road.