From Dream-Controlling Masks to Tech-Free Smartphone Replicas

 - Oct 18, 2015
These October 2015 unique ideas range from dream-controlling masks to tech-free smartphone replicas that poke fun at society's tech obsession. In addition to the month's bizarre beauty products -- from brow stretchers to tongue-exercising devices that are popular in Asian markets -- other favorites include spooky hamburger offerings that are launched just in time for the Halloween holiday.

Other favorites include full-bodied onesies that are an ideal solution for natural disasters along with orchestral rap covers that blend two opposing musical styles into one engaging piece. Next to unexpected food offerings and novelty products, these October 2015 unique ideas also include scientific innovations.

These include dog cloning services that are designed to alleviate the pain of those with an ill or aging pet along with designer micro pigs that let individuals care for a farm animal conveniently in their home.