This Miniature Dollhouse is Completely Made of Real Seashells & Sand

 - Oct 5, 2015
References: messynessychic
Artist Peter Gabriel created this whimsical miniature dollhouse, which is actually made of real seashells and designed to mimic an imagined mermaid's house. The tiny and intricate dollhouse is filled with details and immaculate to-scale representations of what a real mermaid house would look like.

The unique use of real seashells provides the audience and each viewer with a physical connection to the inspiration for the house. While mermaids do not actually exist, this creative use of shells provides a new material for other artists to use. The house itself includes such stunning details as starfish roofing and a vanity, which has a seashell-made mirror and chair.

The small dollhouse is preserved under a glass lid in order to not disturb the sand. This casing also creates a cozy home that will ensure the delicate shells remain unharmed.