- Jul 28, 2016
Underwater-inspired mermaid ideas and products appear in an incredibly vast array of industries. Fantasy is a way to create a new world for an audience and when used in products, art or other creations, it has the same effect of transporting consumers to a magical place.

This can be seen in the magazine Numero China's 'Sea Siren' editorial. The images feature a model in translucent aqua colored water with beautiful pastel pink hair. The iridescent palette sets the backdrop for the luxury clothing and accessories that are featured in each photo.

Mythical creatures are not just confined to artistic environments. One drinkware brand designed mermaid-taled shot glasses that are beautifully unique and also serve as a conversational piece for consumers. It just goes to show that there are many ways to intertwine inspired mermaid ideas into businesses and products to bring fantasy to life for consumers.

From Sea-Themed Shooters to Surreal Fashion Editorials: