MerFin Created Eco-Friendly Mermaid Tails for the Ariel In You

 - Apr 7, 2014
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The Mahina Merfin is part of the eco-friendly mermaid tails that bring that allow people to swim like a mermaid in water.

The Merfins are made with recycled rubber, serving as a flexible and functional fin that will give you the speed and agility of any fish -- or mermaid -- in the ocean. This can be used in your very own pool or within the depths of any lake or ocean. It's a wonderful snorkeling fin and swimming device for fitness, and is even great for bodysurfing waves!

With just one flick of the ankle strap, you can release yourself from the fin and back to your fully functional human legs, when you've fulfilled your dream of being the Disney mermaid you grew up admiring.