- Sep 11, 2015
These Disney princess spoofs range from absolutely hilarious to undoubtedly bizarre examples. Capturing classic Disney princesses -- such as Cinderella and Ariel -- like you've never seen them before, these Disney spoofs are worth the intake.

The unrealistic look of Disney princesses in an ongoing issue but with spoof illustrations such as Loryn Brantz' healthy Disney gals and makeup-free princesses, viewers can rest assured that these ladies can be portrayed in a more realistic light. The LetThereBeDoodles Tumblr page promotes cultural appreciation with its collection of ethnically swapped princesses while Buzzfeed's Andrew Pena gives the iconic princesses a Manga-themed makeover.

These Disney princess spoofs also offer various Disney mashups such as Buzzfeed's Disney princess illustrations of Taylor Swift and Laura Cooper's Velociprincess series that displays prehistoric dinosaur characters.

From Fearful Disney Dolls to Socialite Disney Princesses: