Haruki Godo's 'Costume Swap' has Disney Characters Trade Clothes

The 'Costume Swap' series by Haruki Godo depicts heroines from animated films new and old, but they are not presented as they usually are in fan-created art. Instead of illustrating these female Disney characters in their most iconic outfits, this Disney princess art series shows them in the costumes of their male counterparts.

Godo is a Japanese artist who goes by the handle 'godohelp' on DeviantArt. The 'Costume Swap' series consists of nine illustrations, although there are many more characters that will hopefully be added to this adorable series.

So far, the series depicts characters like Megara in Hercules' Greek tunic, Jasmine in Aladdin's princely robes and Belle in the Beast's formal attire. It is truly refreshing to see the Disney princesses wearing something other than a dress for a change.