From Classical Music Twerkers to Twerking Pop Star Tees

 - Jul 13, 2015
These twerking innovations pay homage to the gyrating dance Millennials can't stop talking about. While these dance-promoting innovations may not appeal to an older audience, they are sure to uplift teenage twerkers and a few pop icons.

For the fashion-forward twerk enthusiasts, twerk tees such as metropolitan twerking tees and princess twerking tees make one's love for twerking a wearable display. When shopping for a greeting card, replace the traditional Hallmark with a twerk-friendly card that is humorous and heartfelt.

These twerking innovations also include twerk-heavy music videos where the popular dance is set to different kinds of music. While classical music twerkers dance to classical hits, meme-inspired holiday videos portray twerkers dancing to a parody single.