Tenyu's Oppoppo Animal Charms Are Rear Ends That Shake

Any one of Tenyu’s ‘Oppoppo’ animal charms would make the most perfect gift to give Miley Cyrus this Christmas — the keychains are attached to plush animal butts that twerk.

One of the oddest things about these animal keychains is that they aren’t even shaped like the full body of any of these animals, just rear ends. The coloring and tails on these animals is just about all that identifies them as different kinds of species.

The Oppoppo collection consists of six different kinds of twerking animals, from farm creatures to domestic pets and jungle creatures. Tenyu sells these twerking toys for about $7 on its online store. So far, the reactions to these strange Japanese toys have been mixed. Online, people either want to collect the entire Oppoppo set or they are perplexed, wondering just what in the world these Tenyu toys are for.