These Princess Innovations Make the Fairytale a Reality

 - Jun 8, 2015
These Disney princess innovations capture the true magic and grace of the iconic Cinderella.

While Cinderella's life is merely a fairytale, dressing like her can be a reality. Princess keepsake gowns and transparent princess flats bring the princess's notorious style to life. While the story finishes at "happily ever after," Disney fans can imagine any child of Cinderella's slept in a royal sleeper courtesy of the Disney Princess Bedroom Set. These princess innovations also include luxury items such as a Cinderella-themed Birkin bag. For those who wish to capture Cinderella's beauty rather than her fashion sense and decor, the MAC x Cinderella Collection features feminine cosmetics the legendary princess would wear herself.

These innovations range from unusual science inventions to fabulous princess fashions.