Glass Designs by Asa Jungnelius

 - Nov 25, 2008
References: kostaboda & lifeiscarbon
How adorable are those blue glass Cinderella shoes? Unfortunately, they’re unwearable, but I would love to have them standing on a pillar in my house.

Åsa Jungnelius is the glass artist that created this stunning pair of shoes. Jungnelius is from Sweden, where she resides at the kingdom of Crystal (an area known for its glass design) and works for Kosta Boda, the world-renowned Swedish glassworks company.

Jungnelius’ work seems to be very gender-oriented, creating and playing with objects and forms that traditionally signify feminine beauty: Lipsticks, high heels, nail varnish, and vaginas are recurring themes. They seem to raise questions of consumerism and sexuality--or is it sheer feminism at play?

I think they are lovely and subtly provocative.