From Cinderella Glass Wedges to Fantasy Villain Footwear

 - Jun 18, 2015
These pieces of fairytale-themed footwear promote a magical sense of style. Whether apart of a Disney fashion collection or inspired by iconic legends, these stunning shoes are sure to make whoever is wearing them feel whimsical.

While Cinderella fans can enjoy the various glass slipper styles, a more dynamic dresser may enjoy the whimsical Disney high heels, which feature a refashioned 'Alice in Wonderland.' For a shoe that is as comfy as it is magical, customized TOMS with the faces of Snow White and Ariel are the perfect choice.

Though these pieces of fairytale-themed footwear do promote the look of many princesses, there are pieces that appeal to the antagonist fans. Evil character collage pumps showcase the faces of many sinister women in fairytale history.