Kobi Levi's New Line Will Help You Become the Fairest of Them All

Innovative footwear designer Kobi Levi has come up with several more "wearable sculptures" to excite even the least fashion-inclined soul: Disney villain-inspired shoes.

Levi used three famous female Disney villains as his inspiration for these delightfully dark designs. From Snow White, he used the Evil Queen, creating a heel-less peep toe with a crown that wraps around the wearer's ankle. The Ursula-inspired sandals recall the sea witch's black dress/tentacle ensemble, and when seen from above, it appears as if Ursula herself was wearing the shoes.

Lastly, there is Maleficent, the Sleeping Beauty villain with her green skin and black headdress-inspired Levi's black pointy-toed pumps with horns crawling up the wearer's legs.

Kobi Levi's creations are more than just shoes; they're artistic endeavors that seek to incorporate fashion and pop culture into a wearable, original product.