From Princess-Inspired Heels to Villainous Horn Headbands

 - May 31, 2014
Before the live-action Maleficent film was announced, you probably would have been hard pressed to find anything Sleeping Beauty-themed outside of a costume shop, but with the release of the new Disney film starring Angelina Jolie, Sleeping Beauty fashion is everywhere.

Although fairy tales are typically targeted towards children, this darker take on the story is being spun to appeal to adults just as much as kids. With this version of Sleeping Beauty being told from the villain's side, this also opens up the opportunity for fashions to either channel the purity of Princess Aurora or the wickedness of Maleficent. Stella McCartney, Christian Lacroix, Hot Topic and Charlotte Olympia are perfect examples of designers and brands that have taken inspiration from both the princess and evil queen.