- May 23, 2014
International Wine Day is this Sunday May 25th, so all you wine drinkers better be prepared with your favorite wine glass in hand to accompany your most beloved vino. However, if you are lacking in the glassware department or just want to celebrate the day in style, here is a list of some of the most unique and whimsical wine glasses that you can use to your advantage.

From waist-watching wine glasses to spooky stemmed sippers, there is a wine glass that fits into everyone's lifestyle. For example, if you are health-conscious you should buy a Caloric Cuvée, which is essentially a calorie-counting wine glass. Or, on the contrary, if you are looking to down a bottle and not look back, do it discreetly with the Wine Bottle Glass, which has room for an entire bottle with a single pour.

These Wine Glasses are Perfect for the Upcoming International Wine Day: