This Practical Aerating Glass Freshens Drinks Before Sipping

 - Jan 10, 2013
References: chevaliercollection
These cleverly designed wine aerating glasses bring ease and efficiency to the process of the wine tasting experience. The Chevalier Collection features three styles: 'The Legacy' for red wines, 'The Modern' for white wines and 'The Casino' for martinis.

The very simple procedure of uncorking your bottle and pouring the beverage into the internal vessel forces the liquid through strategically designed spouts that stream into the main bowl, aerating and embellishing the taste of the wine.

The Aerating Wine Glass eliminates the need to use alternative steps or tools to enhance your wine experience. The mechanism is scientifically proven to "create a shower-head effect that exposes the wine to the most aeration possible on a direct pour," according to the site.