From Origami Beverage Branding to DIY Beer Distillers

 - Jan 3, 2014
To get insights into the Drinking trends that have shaped the world and where trends in flavor, brewing and beverage branding are going, have a look at Trend Hunter's Drinking Trend Report.

Two words can describe the hundreds of drinking-related ideas covered on Trend Hunter in 2013: branding and DIY.
The craft beer and self-brew market has exploded as of late, causing a slew of products hitting the market that make it easy for the average Joe to create his own libations. Self-serving is also an extension of this that has been seen in both bars and in home use.

With branding, independent as well as larger alcohol brands are experimenting with the looks of their products, experimenting with typography, wordless packaging and even origami-like packaging. It seems there is a lot more competition to stand out on the shelves.