This 'Exceptional Expressions of Espresso' Guide Displays Coffee Types

 - May 16, 2013
References: laughingsquid & thatsnerdalicious
Anyone who enjoys their morning coffee fix knows that espresso is something you often drink when you need that extra kick of caffeine, but if you're unaware of all the different types of espresso available, then this 'Exceptional Expressions of Espresso' guide will showcase all the wonderful brews you can have.

While coffee patrons may simply ask for one espresso shot or two in their Macchiato drink, there are actually a whole list of expresso-based drinks out there that most people are unaware of. This insightful guide displays all the types of espresso drinks available, and visually showcases the amount of espresso used in that particular beverage. This chart compares how such drinks as an Americano has only 60ml of espresso, while a double latte has a whopping 120ml of espresso.

If you're looking to figure out just how much caffeine is in your favorite drinks, then this espresso guide will certainly help you out.