The Bombay Sapphire Electro Packaging Lights Up on Contact

The packaging for Bombay Sapphire Electro is luminescent and literally glows on the shelves. With so many attention-grabbing packages competing for eyeballs, it can be a tough choice for indecisive consumers who do not know what they want.

Bacardi was inspired by Bombay Sapphire's 'Infused with Imagination' campaign, and carried this idea through for the design of its gift boxes. The boxes feature a swirling illustration drawn by Yehrin Tong. When the boxes are picked up by a consumer, the drawing is lit up by the power of electroluminescence technology.

This design recently won the Bronze Design Lion for packaging design at Cannes Lions and has collected several other wins in 2013 for its stellar integration of technology into the print of the box.