Drink Evil Spirits Vodka if You Dare to Wake Up the Lurking Demons

 - Jun 11, 2013
References: stbernadine & lovelypackage
Dark and foreboding, the Evil Spirits Vodka packaging makes it clear that this alcohol is only for the daredevils who won't get easily spooked by ghosts and ghouls.

The big black box is completely devoid of any markings except for the ominously creepy message "something wicked this way comes," sparking a sense of excitement when opening the packaging, as though we are about to open up Pandora's box. Next to the vial of vodka within, a Ouija board nestles amongst the black satin with a silver planchette that bares the brand's logo. A small handbook explains how to use the Ouija board to summon up spirits from the dead and also provides deviously delicious drink recipes.

Evil Spirits Vodka would make for a crazy fun night of diabolically wicked entertainment.