Smuggle Drinks Anywhere with Your Own Sunscreen Bottle Flask

 - Sep 16, 2013
References: amazon & fancy
If you're interested in the perfect hiding spot to stash your drinks at the beach, look no further than this sunscreen bottle flask. The flask looks identical to your standard bottle of sunscreen, besides the fact that it actually holds 8 ounces of moonshine.

This deceptive little squirt bottle will fool anyone, complete with logos, UV markers, ingredients and so forth. Generally, beach drinking is permitted, and perhaps even encouraged; for those instances where complete and utter intoxication is frowned upon (baby showers, grandpa's wedding, book clubs), this little bottle comes in handy. Who says you have to use it on the beach?

With the Sunscreen Bottle Flask, be sure to apply three to four times every half-hour, and have the last maniacal laugh as others around you will remain completely unaware of your shenanigans.