- May 4, 2015
When it comes to discreetly having an alcoholic beverage, flask containers have been a classic choice for a long time. However, that isn't stopping people from creating even more disguised ways of carrying booze around. Some are also going the other way by adding clever captions or decorative elements to flasks, thus making them stand out.

Adding funny pop culture elements is one way people are personalizing flask containers. There are several Harry Potter-themed options referencing various potions mentioned in the magical franchise. This includes polyjuice potion, felix felicis and veritaserum -- all of which create the effects some experience while drinking.

Wearable booze dispensers are a popular choice, from mittens to graduation caps and even office-appropriate menswear. Everyday objects aren't exempt either, including hair brushes, canes and cell phones.

From Practical Party Jackets to Retro Gamer Booze Dispensers: