This Alcohol Flask is Designed to Look Like an Innocent Purse

 - Sep 23, 2014
References: binocktails
If you need a place to stash your booze that is secretive and deceptive then the Bev-Bag Secret Handbag Flask is the ideal feminine alternative to a traditional alcohol flask. The best part is no one will think twice and assume that your purse is actually full of liquor.

Perhaps you're on your way to a sporting event where the drinks are a little pricey or you're trying to sneak alcohol into a venue -- whatever the case may be the Bev-Bag Secret Handbag Flask is just what you need. This purse can hold a whopping 830-milliliters of alcohol seamlessly in the base of the bag. Thanks to a hidden pour spout you can easily empty the contents of your purse into a glass whenever you'd like a drink. The Bev-Bag Secret Handbag Flask also functions as a real purse.