This Holy Water Flask Will Trick Your Parents into Thinking You're Good

 - Dec 27, 2013
References: wickedcaribou
This holy water flask will let you bless your night out. Pray for good times and sinful stories with this godly drink container. Make your parents think the reason you couldn't get up for church was because you were out all night converting heathens.

This holy water flask is from a Canadian company called Wicked Caribou. The design on the antique-looking flask is of an ancient red Knights Templar cross. Above and below the cross are the words "HOLY WATER" in an old European-looking font, adding a touch of authenticity to the prank piece.

The Knights Templar where a famous fighting brigade during the time of the Crusades. The Crusades were a series of Middle Aged campaigns where European Catholics went to Jerusalem to reclaim what they believed to be their Holy Land.