- Mar 24, 2015
There has been a recent explosion of crowdfunded games that have managed to see the light of day thanks to the support and enthusiasm of people on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

These games include variations of popular modern recreational gaming activities such as laser tag and paintball. Picture laser tag with unlimited players or variations of paintball where you get to control a giant paintball-hurling robot. These are the kinds of audacious gaming concepts that conventional investors would scoff at, but are still granted a chance by people on crowdfunding websites.

Crowdfunded games also include more educational games designed to stimulate learning, as well as games accessible to people with physical ailments.

From video games to real-world arena games to socially good entertainment, these crowdfunded games and gaming accessories have all left a mark in their own unique way.

From Million-Player Laser Tag to Blind-Accessible Games: