The Zombie Shuffle is a Bloody Hoot Built Around a 52-Card Deck

 - Mar 10, 2013
References: kickstarter & mashable
Card games can be great fun, but most of them are missing a crucial undead element that is just lacking in most card games, and that's where the Zombie Shuffle card game comes in.

The Kickstarter campaign to build the customized decks designed by Blaise Sewell is currently underway and nearing its goal. After brainstorming with his friends after a night of drinking of standard, non-zombified card games, Sewell and friends tried out more than 30 different rule sets before settling on the now official Zombie Shuffle rules, which are all available on the Kickstarter page and are technically possible to play with a standard deck of cards too.

According to the Zombie Shuffle Kickstarter page, "By the time we reached the current version of Zombie Shuffle, we found the right balance of strategy vs. chance, zombies vs. humans, cooperative vs. competitive and ultimately created a game that we are very proud to share with the world."