From Survival Fashion Films to Zombie Chocolate Ads

 - Sep 4, 2014
These apocalyptic marketing examples range from survival fashion films to undead chocolate ads that imagine a dark version of our not-so-distant future.

While advertising is often about selling a positive dream or fantasy to consumers, the opposite also works wonders when conceiving a marketing strategy.

This list of apocalyptic marketing examples relies on fantastical story lines like zombie invasions or earth-swallowing floods. Much like sci-fi, horror and fantasy films, these dystopic examples induce fear and shock viewers with their imagery.

This ability to captivate consumers through fear and emotion is often more powerful than winning them over with positive and happy messages.

A notable mention from this list is the Volkswagen GTI 'Tunnel Vision' ad. This exhilarating promo depicts a street that is destroyed by hurricane winds but keeps its vehicle product in tact throughout the storm.