The Volkswagen GTI 'Tunnel Vision' Promo is Exhilarating

 - May 22, 2012
References: & thedigitalage
In terms of advertising, car commercials and promotions are usually among the best, and these Volkswagen GTI 'Tunnel Vision' ads are no exception. They are the work of the Norwegian agency TRY, as headed up by art director Thorbjørn Ruud, copwriter Petter Bryde, photographer Ole Musken, as well as two three-dimensional designers, Gimpville and Thomas Bråten.

The ads depict an ordinary European street being ravaged by violent, hurricane-force winds as viewed from inside a Volkswagen GTI. While everything else is torn asunder, the fuel-efficient, compact vehicle calmly makes its way through the carnage.

TRY portrays its client as a safe, secure choice. The marketing of compact cars tends to play on themes of efficiency and economy rather than safety. In contrast, TRY aims to bolster Volkswagen in aspects that consumers may have qualms about.