- Oct 12, 2013
While an impending apocalypse or zombie takeover may seem preposterous to some, there's no harm in preparing for the worst, and these apocalyptic automobiles will certainly offer some helpful survival tactics while on the road.

Zombie movies and apocalyptic themes have been bombarding the cinemas for decades now, and with such references to the end of days seeping into the minds of movie-goers, these super tough and ready to fight automobiles will definitely be aspects that zombie enthusiasts will be interested in. From larger-than-life SUV models to bulletproof cars and zombie-fighting vehicles, these apocalyptic automobiles will definitely make surviving in harsh circumstances a bit easier.

Perfect for those looking to acquire a car that is practical yet suitable to fight off monsters and undead beings, these apocalyptic autos will surely have any zombie fan completely satisfied.

From Apocalyptic Fighting Vehicles to Bulletproof Muscle Cars: