The Boltec .04 Maneuvers Well in Mines to Enhance Workers' Safety

 - May 9, 2013
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There is a great deal of dangerous work to be done in mine shafts and tunnels and the very process of making the underground environment safer comes with a high risk of disaster. The Boltec .04 is a bolt mining machine that's an adaptation from existing ones. Dawid Dawod's version is more compact and very well armored so that miners won't have to be exposed to the hazardous outcomes of securing rock.

Atlas Copco and Boliden AB sponsored this project. The subterranean tractor is as compact as it can be, making it easier to navigate through narrower tunnels. The Boltec .04 features a retractable jointed arm that drives bolts into the walls of the passages and laser beams that help you to delineate where the next should go.