The Knight XV Offers Both Comfort and Security

 - May 11, 2010
References: dailymail
The Knight XV will be the new luxury car for those who want to combine comfort, security and luxury. This massive car is three feet longer than a Hummer and has a ballistic-tested steel plate exterior as well as aluminium body armor which can, according to the Daily Mail, "withstand a barrage of bullets." Naturally, the price of the car could reach a whopping £660,000.

Equipped with latest features, the hi-tech Knight XV includes an LCD TV screen, X-Box 360 or Playstation game console, retractable TV, oxygen survival kit, escape mask for emergencies, blast protection system, exterior security cameras, black box and even a bar.

The Knight XV is powered with a V10 Ford engine with 400 horsepower, producing a maximum speed of 100 mph.