Mazda CX7 'Predator Ride' Ads Hunt Down Unworthy Autos

 - Jul 25, 2011
References: & adsoftheworld
Giving your car a name is the first step to personifying such a machine, but these Mazda CX7 'Predator Ride' ads go one further to imagine automobiles with actual skeletons. This run of three prints places the SUV within barren landscapes beyond the boarders of the city, thriving amidst the corpses of its fellow cars.

The title of the campaign suggests that this vehicle is responsible for the figurative deaths of its pathetic peers, leaving just broken bones, rusty hubcaps and dusty grilles behind. But perhaps the Smarts advertising agency is also indicating that this auto is by far the fittest set of wheels amidst the demanding fictitious climate in these Mazda CX7 'Predator Ride' ads.