The Pentagon's Transformer FX Will Take Infantry Combat to the Skies

 - Nov 3, 2011
References: popsci & io9
After initial contractual bidding concluded late last year, the Pentagon and its peers in the weapons industry have finally cobbled together the final plans for the military's famed flying Humvee, the Transformer FX.

Pictured above is a concept illustration of what the 'Heli-car' will look like once it's deployed to battlefields in Afghanistan within the next two years. The Transformer TX has entered Phase 2 of its production sequence, moving onto a fully realized prototype that is capable of meeting all of the Pentagon's requirements. But this isn't simply a road-capable helicopter -- the Transformer will have to sustain small arms fire, brave off-road conditions and be able to transfigure itself and take off immediately. This will require the fly-drive vehicle to temper its own engine power with the need for a light, yet bullet-resistant structure. One thing is certain: the first Taliban or tribal Afghan to see these things in action will probably be scared stiff!