From Bold Concept Box Cars to Bare Bones Concept Trikes

 - Aug 15, 2013
While tricycles are often the types of vehicles associated with what little children use to train with, these modern tricycle designs are showcasing that cruising around in a three-wheeled car can be just as stylish as any other automobile.

Tricycles are often the types of training vehicles used to help youngsters learn how to properly ride bicycles with the added benefit of a third wheel at the back. And while some people may associate tricycles with being childish or weak, these modern trike designs are here to showcase a much more sleek and sophisticated side to these automobiles. From futuristic Danish tricycles that features a Sci-Fi influence to inventive airborne concepts that will take you high up into the sky, these modern tricycle designs will definitely have you craving to try out these sleek three-wheeled creations.