The L3 Electric Bike is Designed With Tourists in Mind

The L3 Electric Bike is a new mode of transportation from designer Camilo Parra Palacio designed for tourists. This unusual vehicle has the shape of a tricycle, looks like a small Vespa and moves like a reverse Can-Am Spyder.

The bike is small and compact, which makes it ideal for navigating around crowded city streets. The motor of the L3 Electric Bike has a range of 12 miles and a battery life of seven hours. Despite the bike's short range, it can hit a maximum speed of 31mph, which should be all the power you need to make you way through the crowded streets of the world's major cities. The two rear-wheels steer the bike, letting you lean into corners as if you were riding a Can-Am Spyder. A slew of conceptual images can be seen here, along with a few images that depict a finished L3 Electric Bike in action.