From 3D-Printed Prosthetic Limbs to 3D-Printed Bras

 - May 19, 2013
3D printed objects are more common than ever before and we are reaping tangible rewards from three-dimensional manufacturing devices. These 3D printed objects can be both practical as well as a little unnecessary, but the bottom line is they are all created using the relatively new and revolutionary method of 3D printing.

The beauty of 3D printing is that you can make a solid object of virtually any shape or size from a digital model. Instead of using the technique of drilling and cutting to add materials 3D printing is possible by using an additive process. Anything you can think of can be conjured up as if by magic. From something as basic as 3D-printed iPad cases to printed facial prosthetics, there is virtually no limit to what you can do with this discovery.

My personal favorite is the 3D flight-mapping app. What better way to get a visual of where you're traveling than with a tangible printed 3D mock up of your flight path?