Hiro-o Ladies Clinic Will Create Resin-Cast 3D Model of Your Unborn Baby

 - Aug 10, 2012
References: techcrunch & mashable
Forget those blurry ultrasound pictures -- an expecting mother living in Tokyo can now get a 3D-printed fetus of her unborn child. Yes, the Hiro-o Ladies clinic is now offering pregnant patients a resin-cast, 3D-printed model of their fetus for 100,000 yen (about $1,300).

The clinic has been working with the 3D printing firm Fasotec to create these 3D-printed fetuses, or 'Tensi no Katachi' (Shape of an Angel), as they call them. The fetuses are printed in different shapes and sizes -- the video shows how you can even print out a mini fetus to be used as a cellphone charm -- and they are all surrounded by clear lucite, which mimics the womb's amniotic fluid. Further, clients can choose whether they want the entire baby's body cast or just a single body part (as if toting around a printed fetus wasn't strange enough!).