From Blood-Splattered High Heels to Body Organ Footwear

 - Aug 2, 2014
If horror movies and gruesome imagery is your kind of thing, then these macabre footwear designs will definitely catch your interest with their use of gory aesthetics.

Your choice of footwear can say a lot about your personal style, and if you're not afraid to showoff your affinity for things like anatomy and scary movies, then these macabre footwear designs are right up your alley. Featuring designs that mimic everything from blood stains and skeletons to zombies and human organs, these eclectic shoes will surely add a frightening touch to any ordinary outfit. Sure to scare off the overly squeamish and attract those intrigued in the grotesque, these macabre footwear designs are allowing consumers to express their affinity for the obscure through their everyday fashion accessories.