These Janina Alleyne Designs are the Future of Footwear

 - Jul 14, 2012
References: coroflot & visualnews
These Janina Alleyne skeletal shoes are simply striking. The unconventional designs were created by the UK designer, a recent graduate from DeMontfort University in Footwear Design. The series of shoes is entitled the 'Exoskeleton Collection,' with Alleyne's driving inspiration being the external skeleton structures of marine invertebrates, fantasy creatures and insects.

Each of the intricate designs were created through the advanced technology of 3D printing. The printing process has translated Alleyne's designs into fluid anatomical shapes that are piercing. These simply stunning heels could carry the strut of any fierce fashionista, if she had the guts to wear them.

It is no wonder this captivating collection was nominated for the 2012 Mulberry Accessory Award. The forward-thinking Janina Alleyne is definitely a name to look out in the future of fashion.